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Volume XIX, Number 4                                         August 2014


The Board of Directors is sending out a letter in the coming week(s) to update the membership on the vision the Board members have for our association. The mission statement of our association is “to promote and protect the practice of medicine by independent physicians, to preserve the sanctity of the physician – patient relationship, and maintain physician autonomy.” You will see a new logo coming soon on future Newsletters and a membership plaque will be delivered to each practice in the coming weeks.


UnitedHealthcare – (Charter/Compass/Core products) – Please be watching for information and the ID cards from your patients. The products listed above are the Affordable Care Act products. The ID cards should tell you at the bottom right of the ID card. An example would be: UnitedHealthcare Core-Definity HAS or United Healthcare Compass. Some local physician practices are not being asked to participate in these products. A letter was sent to the physician practice of this exclusion. The PA office received a list of these physicians so please call if you have any questions. Please contact the Physician Association office if you would like an example copy of the patient ID cards with this information.

Not all physicians have been asked to participate in these products so please verify with UnitedHealthcare if you are indeed in this network.

UnitedHealthcare – UHC has also notified some physician members that they were being terminated from UHC Medicare Complete. Please note that even though members are termed off of the Medicare Complete products, their commercial PPH and HMO participation is still in place.

TRPN – contract packet will be sent out soon for TRPN PPO. This will be an update packet. Our existing contract was for a PPO product only with reimbursement at 80% of billed charges. The new contract with be for 90% of billed charges with 2 new products added. They have added a W/C and auto product. The reimbursement for these 2 new products will be a 5% discount off any W/C and auto claim. This packet will be mailed to your office soon.


TRCA – Technology Resource Center of America, LLC – A new packet of information will be coming to you regarding our new preferred vendor TRCA. TRCA has been a resource the last few months helping save physician practices here in Denton over $60,000.00 in fraudulent charges when their phone systems were hacked. TRCA has special pricing for our membership.


Shred-It – You will be receiving the new pricing sheet for Shred-It in the mail soon.

Geo Med Waste of Texas – Please contact Nancie Rogers for more information at 817-231-8365 or email her at Their price is per box only, no additional fees, no binding contracts, no monthly or annual fees, no administrative fees, no fuel surcharges fees, and no box or bag fees.

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